About Us

Who We Are

NEHA Interiors Private Limited, Chennai offers matrices of services for interior designing and space planning. We have expertise for executing part / parts of turnkey projects including Electrical, air conditioning , fire fighting , bms and Plumbing for Industries , offices, educational institutes, commercial centers, Hospitality and public buildings, etc. Using modern practices and knowledge's, we ensure versatility in implementing the design details, employing senior and seasoned labourers at our command.

We have earned a reputation of being a noteworthy enterprise due to our pursuance to commitment and hard work. In the pursuit of exactitude services, going extra mile to ensure quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness is our speciality. Any proposed interior concept is executed after a comprehensive interaction with the clients in order to ensure exactness.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge and resources to the next level of advancements, which always is helpful in exceeding clients' needs and expectations. We also utilize the available resources together with state-of-art-technologies in order to provide unique services. Things apart, our exponential growth is pillared at flexibility, transparency and focus.

NEHA Interiors Private Limited comprise of young and energetic professionals headed by seasoned and eminent Architects and Interior Designers.

NEHA Interiors Private Limited was established in 2005 and has rendered design / contract services to individuals and various organizations for a span of 10 years. Interiors by NEHA Interiors Private Limited, Chennai are timeless and have a meditative quality.

Our design is the result of a process that is at once reflective and innovative, placing a balanced emphasis on thinking, the experiential and the resolution of finely crafted details.

"We enjoy the PRIDE in courteous retention of our image in our clients' minds."

As NEHA Interiors Private Limited we epitomize the philosophy of complete customer satisfaction and our mission is to

Apply best project management skills for enhancing productivity and meeting delivery